The United States Navy Blue Angels

B-1 Lancer

"The B-1B's blended wing/body configuration, variable-geometry wings and turbofan afterburning engines, combine to provide long range, maneuverability and high speed while enhancing survivability. Forward wing settings are used for takeoff, landings, air refueling and in some high-altitude weapons employment scenarios. Aft wing sweep settings - the main combat configuration -- are typically used during high subsonic and supersonic flight, enhancing the B-1B's maneuverability in the low- and high-altitude regimes. The B-1B's speed and superior handling characteristics allow it to seamlessly integrate in mixed force packages. These capabilities, when combined with its substantial payload, excellent radar targeting system, long loiter time and survivability, make the B-1B a key element of any joint/composite strike force." [ MORE INFO ]

B-2 Spirit

"The B-2 Spirit is a long-range heavy bomber unique with its stealth technology enabling it to penetrate most sophisticated air-defense shields. USAF is the only operator of the B-2 with 20 aircraft in active inventory. The B-2 Spirit is able to deploy both conventional and nuclear weapons, and with a range of more than 6,000nm unrefueled and over 10,000nm with one refueling it can fly to any point in the world within hours. Its specific look comes from the special 'flying wing' construction. The leading edges of the wings are angled at 33° and the trailing edge has a double-W shape." [ MORE INFO ]

B-52 Stratofortress

"In a conventional conflict, the B-52 can perform strategic attack, close-air support, air interdiction, offensive counter-air and maritime operations. During Desert Storm, B-52s delivered 40 percent of all the weapons dropped by coalition forces. It is highly effective when used for ocean surveillance, and can assist the U.S. Navy in anti-ship and mine-laying operations. Two B-52s, in two hours, can monitor 140,000 square miles (364,000 square kilometers) of ocean surface." [ MORE INFO ]

F-15C Eagle

F-15E Strike Eagle

T-1 Jayhawk

T-6 Texan II

TC-12 Huron

T-38 Talon

T-45 Goshawk


CV-22 Osprey

HC-130 Combat King II

C-130J Hercules

KC-135 Stratotanker

RC-135 Rivet Joint

UH-60A BlackHawk

LUH-72 Lakota

OH-58C Kiowa

Citation (US Customs and Border Patrol)

Cessna 210 (US Customs and Border Patrol)

C-182 (Civil Air Patrol)

UC-78 Bamboo Bomber

L-29 Delfin

L-39 Albatross

RU-8D Seminole

Aeronca 65-C

Aeronca Champ



Performers and static displays are subject to change.

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